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We all have a dream…

We all have a dream…

The final four-star assignment I have completed for week four is titled, Your Dream as A Movie Trailer( a thirty-second trailer). The dream that I hold near and dear to my heart is the reality of becoming a doctor. It is not an easy dream to accomplish but I haven’t given up and I keep pushing. As a child, I was sick often and spent most of my time in hospitals and seeing how an illness can impact a patient’s life and their family is what inspired me. My end goal is to become a pediatrician and give back the excellent care that I received.

For this assignment, I originally wanted to combine clips of free footage from the internet. I ended up using photos because the videos had watermarks on them. I uploaded photos that I found on Unsplash to the website Biteable. Biteable is a site that allows you to make videos using templates, photos, videos, and music.

I am pleased with the end result of my thirty-second trailer. It is simple yet effective. In order to share this video, I posted it to my twitter account.



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  • I really admire your determination to follow your dream, and your trailer really reflects your desires, and is even pretty inspiring. The images you chose are really good, and do an excellent job of illustrating what you want to achieve. For future reference, Pixabay does offer free videos as well as free pictures, so if you ever want to do something like this again with actual footage, I recommend you try there. But like I said, even without footage, you did a great job of illustrating your dreams. Well done, and best of luck to you!

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