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The Pictureless Gap

The Pictureless Gap



This week’s lesson revolves around audio and its resources. Watching two YouTube videos from Radiolab’s Jad Abumrad gave me insight on his view of Audio.

The first video deals with the concept of co-imagining. Abumrad starts off by stating that the coolest thing about radio is what it lacks which are images. Audio does not contain visuals instead it creates empathy to make you imagine and feel. Abumrad feels that audio creates a deep act of co-authorship to fill a picture less gap; In the end, this creates a connection between the listener and creator (the person behind the mic). I can relate to his point of view. When I’m listening to a podcast or music on the radio I feel as if there is a connection between not only the broadcaster and the audience but between the creator, audience, and creator. Audio is a great tool to let our imagination thrive. 


This type of technology will live on and continue to thrive because the human voice holds so much information. With the second video, I learned that the task or job of a storyteller is to create a circle of connection. Jad Abumrad describes storytellers as “shamans” who induce a dream state between people. This is an extremely powerful tool along with being able to manipulate the sound that comes from the human voice. With radio, there will always be ways to combine old and new techniques. With an endless list of audio techniques, I think this form of entertaining and learning will last.

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