Sound Effects Story

Sound Effects Story



This blog is For the required audio assignment titled Sound Effects Story (four stars). We had to tell a story using nothing but sound effects. That meant There no verbal communication, only sound effects. For my sound effects story, I based it around something that most people do. Getting ready to drive and face traffic! The audio clip starts off with the effect of a door opening and closing then a garage door opening. From there the engine of a car starts and drives off into the open road. After some time the car stops as it is faced with traffic.


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  • Youve’ got some really good ideas here. There’s a progressive flow to what’s going on that’s not too difficult to pick up on. If I had to offer a suggestion up to make it “feel more alive”, I’d say this:

    -Right now it’s a bunch of related sounds pieced together in the right spots, but they’re just not working together to give the sense of story. You might try adding in another piece that extends the length of your track – for instance, a person via footsteps, grunts, sighs. That’ll tie the piece together into a story.

    -Look at the “fade in” and “fade out” presets in Audacity. Click on “Effect” and look for it halfway down. I’ve found that just clipping the tail end and beginning of tracks so they gradually come in or go really helps sell the illusion. In the real world, sounds shift as we come and go, so it just works.

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