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Finals week for me begun bright and early on Monday morning! For my last assignment of the semester, I drew inspiration from the ds106 assignment bank although it did take a while. I originally wanted to vlog one day of my personal life but I had too many assignments to prep and complete as well as a final paper to write. Instead of your typical vlog, this one follows screen recordings of my activity from Monday to Tuesday. By doing this I was able to tell a story of what I had to accomplish in such a short time frame.

The video starts off with a video clip of a clock ticking along with audio. The title of my blog page then fades in and out followed by a photo for each week’s weekly summary. The original photographs were followed by redesigned photos with a pop art filter. The very last photo is one I took display my set up for an extremely long day and night.


The next element of my project was the screen recordings I took for Digital Storytelling followed by a transition to Greek & Roman Mythology. I was able to draft my weekly summary part five and begin editing the video below on Monday (finishing around five or six). Once that was finished I had focused my attention on readings for Mythology (Chapters 20-22) regarding the Trojan War. It took a little longer than intended but I was content with the number of notes and evidence I gained for my final paper. I believe the video clips of typing on the keyboard and coffee being poured with the sounds to complement them explains my attempt for an all-nighter perfectly.

Tuesday was dedicated editing! With my notes and discussion post completed, I searched for more elements to add to my project. The video ends with a clip of blurred lights accompanied by applause because I felt accomplished and excited by the end. This video is only three minutes and forty-four seconds long but the process felt like forever. The instrumental audio that I used has a happy and upbeat tone because I tried to stay as positive and calm as possible during finals week. By the end of Tuesday, I was able to complete a good majority of my assignments and begin working on my paper.

How To:

1. Install the chrome app Hippo Video: This app lets you create videos from photos, record the activity of your browsers, edit, and add in audio.

Screenshot 2018-07-24 at 11.05.50 PM

2. Manipulate the speed of videos, trim, and cut elements.



3. Download audio from FreeSounds.

4. Download video clips from Pexels Video.



5. The introduction was made by creating a slideshow from photos.

Intro gif


6. Combine photos, text, audio, and videos.



7. Layer audio and video clips: Adjusting the opacity, fade, and volume of all elements. It took quite a while to arrange video clips and audio together.






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