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Moon Graffiti

Moon Graffiti




The Moon Graffiti assignment consisted of a story, “In Event of Moon Disaster“, told on a podcast. This story was written by Jonathan Mitchell and edited by Hillary Frank. It was based on Neil Armstrong and Edwin Buzz Aldwin’s visit to the moon on July 20th ,1969 but revolves around the question of crashing.  What if they crashed? A cover story would have been made and President Nixon would have announced the passing of the two astronauts (performed by Matt Evans and Ed Herbstman). The type of sound that were played on the truth podcast sets tone of the story. It created an eerie atmosphere but initially hooks the listeners in with a trip to the past. 

John Ottavino delivers the lines from Nixon’s speech and embodies his personality and sound of voice. These audio clips made me feel as if I were in 1969 and the conversation or dialogue between the two astronauts make the podcast feel real. I believe that Foley sound was used in this podcast to mimic sounds of activities or actions that would take place on the moon. The overall lesson that I got from listening to this podcast was that Sound drives stories by allowing you to imagine a scene and allowing you to feel. Every person is going to picture what happened differently. 

I had listened to Moon Graffiti about three times. During the first, I was able to understand the concept of the conspiracy theory. During the second and third I was able to pick up sound effects that I hadn’t before like the crashing and struggle of the astronauts.

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