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Midweek III

Midweek III

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This week was all about Audio. So far I have learned the basics and learned how we are able to manipulate sound and the human voice. The first assignment that I completed was a reflection of Radiolab’s Jad Abumrad speech or a quick lesson on the concept of the radio. I found it interesting how Abumrad was able to explain how the connection between creator and audience is established through the radio. An endless list of audio techniques and manipulation to voice/sound can make audio and the human voice powerful. My original blog post can be found here.

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The next blog post I completed was a reflection of the podcast titled Moon Graffiti . This story was written by Jonathan Mitchell and edited by Hillary Frank. It was based on Neil Armstrong and Edwin Buzz Aldwin’s visit to the moon on July 20th, 1969 but revolves around the question of crashing. The podcast had made me feel as if I was in the sixties and listening from home about Aldwin and Armstrong. The sound effects and manipulation of sound keep you at the edge of your seat. Each time you listen to the podcast you are able to pick up on something new. 



Once I was finished with my main assignments I moved onto Tuesday and Wednesday’s daily creates. The first daily create I completed was #tdc2374: Create a wishlist for a famous person. The person I chose to create a wish list was Elvis Presley. I think his wishlist would consist of guitars, guitar picks, and a copy of the Impersonal life. Peanut butter and bananas would also be on the list because of his famous sandwich.

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The second daily create I finished was #tdc2375: Map your personal sphere and share it with #clmooc. This mind map was created and personalized on Canva. I shared three important section which was Life, Education, and the Future. In my personal life, I cherish my family and friends, Travelling, Dreamers, Equality, and Diversity. Education is extremely important to me and I want to complete the progress I’ve made to obtain my B.A. in Science as a biology major. The summer of 2018 is also important because I want to do well in both of my classes and be able to improve by the end of the semester. For the future, I would like to be able to attend medical school in my home state (Massachusetts) and become a Pediatrician.

My midweek assignments have been completed. I am looking forward to keeping in mind what I have learned about audio/sound for my next digital media assignments for the end of the week. So far I would not change anything that I have completed.

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