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Final Weekly Check-in

Final Weekly Check-in

Where has the time gone? The class has flown by so quickly! During the first week, I was extremely overwhelmed as I was going to be balancing two classes that had a lot of content in a little less than five weeks. Thankfully, I managed to keep up! I’ve definitely surprised myself with the growth I’ve shown in various techniques. If we had more time I know I’d be able to improve these techniques.

Its a bit sad that my last three tweets for our Daily Creates are below; it was one of my favorite parts of the class. My first daily create was #tdc2384: Cinematic Parallels. The prompt that had to be followed was to find two images/memes/movie shots that look very similar. The cinematic parallel I chose revolved around the Freemont Troll. 10 things I hate about you was released in 1999 but the film is played often on cable. The show Once Upon a Time has been on for ages and just ended this year. By chance, I happened to watch the film and show on the same day and noticed the troll in the background. The way the director’s film is at a slightly different angle and zoom. Little tweaks were made to the Freemont Troll that made a significant difference.

The second daily create of the week was #tdc2387: Makin Amazin’ Mazes. This was one of the simplest creates of the semester. I simply clicked the linked Maze Generator then chose a shape and shared it. Uploaded below my tweet is a maze from another classmate.


The final daily create of this semester was #tdc2388: Write a postcard to a future you. To create this postcard I used Canva. I gave my future self two pieces of advice that are simple yet effective. 1. All great things take time 2. To be patient and never give up

For my last assignment of the semester, I drew inspiration from the ds106 assignment bank although it did take a while. I originally wanted to vlog one day of my personal life but I had too many assignments to prep and complete as well as a final paper to write. Instead, I decided to vlog my activity for the day. By doing this I was able to tell a story of what I had to accomplish in such a short timeframe. I used the chrome app, Hippo Video, which lets you create videos from photos, record the activity of your browsers, edit, and add in audio. In the beginning, I had nearly twenty minutes of footage. I managed to condense the final product by manipulating the speed of the video as well as trimming and cutting some elements. It took quite a while to arrange video clips and audio together. I was able to use photos, audio, and video together and I’m pretty pleased about the outcome.  The instrumental audio that I used has a happy and upbeat tone because I tried to stay as positive and calm as possible during finals week. By the end of Tuesday, I was able to complete a good majority of my assignments and begin working on my paper. The blog post for my final assignment can be found here. It took several attempts for me to successfully complete this video and I kept tweaking different aspects of the video. This final video is one of the three I created. I am proud of the overall result of my final project.


Congrats! We made it to the end of the semester!


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