Airport Life

Airport Life

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For my first video assignment this week I chose the prompt 60 Second Day- A Video Narrative. This assignment is worth four stars. For this prompt, we had to try to tell a story about your day in just 60 seconds using one-second clips of video. My sixty seconds of a supposed to be sixteen-hour day of me traveling from the West Coast to East Coast. I ended up traveling for twenty-two hours from the minute I arrived at the airport to depart for my arrival home. My summer away from Virginia has been extremely relaxing but when it comes to traveling back home I was exhausted. This video narrates my journey whilst making time for class.


To create this video I used Adobe Spark, an online editor for photos and videos. I used clips of videos and photos then added them onto slides. I love this online editor because you can give your videos different themes and add in icons. Adobe Spark also gives you the opportunity to use free music from their catalog or to upload your own. The video saves as an mp4 file and would not upload to the blog properly. To fix this I simply uploaded my video onto my youtube page.


Image result for airport gif tumblr

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